RDX Zippered Men Sweat Vest

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Color: Black
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Product Description

Engineered for European standards of excellence (OEKO TEX-100 REACH), RDX Zippered Men's Sweat Vest incorporates our game-changing Heat Suit™ Tech featuring a special blue lining in the Instant Sweat™ Fabric. Boost your workout efficiency by a scorching 5x and conquer every challenge, from relaxed jogs to vigorous HIIT sessions. Move freely, stay visible, and experience sweat-fueled progress without distractions.

  • Feel safe and confident knowing your gear meets strict safety and quality regulations (complies with OEKO TEX-100 REACH).
  • Heat Suit™ Tech's revolutionary blue lining in the Instant Sweat™ Fabric ignites your internal furnace, inducing 5x sweat production.
  • Enjoy seamless freedom of movement during any exercise, thanks to the durable and flexible material used to manufacture it.
  • Concealed front zipper with skin protection loop for convenient, hassle-free transitions.
  • Stay safe and stylish with strategically placed elements on the front and back, ensuring visibility even in low-light conditions.
  • The spandex piping keeps your vest secure, eliminating distractions and letting you crush your goals without stopping to adjust.
  • Look and feel great with a modern neck design and comfortable, durable stitching.
  • Conquer any activity, from HIIT intervals and boxing drills to running and yoga. This sweat vest adapts to your every challenge.
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          Color: Black
          Size: M


          What is a Zippered Men's Sweat Vest?

          Zippered Men's Sweat Vest is a fitness garment with a front zipper, designed to increase body temperature and promote sweating during exercise. It's used to enhance calorie burning, leading to natural sweating to achieve weight loss.

          How does it work?

          It works by raising your body temperature, causing increased sweating during exercise,and leading to water weight loss and a boost in calorie burn.

          Is it comfortable to wear during intense workouts?

          Yes, RDX sweat vest is made from safe and comfortable materials compliant with REACH and OEKO-TEX 100 standards. The sleeveless design with side panels and anti-slip gripper tape around the edges make it very comfortable to wear during intense workouts.

          Can I wear it discreetly under clothing or during outdoor activities?

          Yes. It clings to the skin and fits like a glove, which means one can wear it under clothing or during outdoor activities without it getting noticed.

          What's the recommended care routine to maintain it?

          To maintain your sauna vest, hand wash with mild detergent in cold water. Don’t use harsh detergent or washing material. Air dry it to preserve quality, and avoid fabric softeners or direct sunlight when storing.

          How does it work to enhance workouts?

          A sauna vest enhances workouts by increasing body temperature during exercise, promoting profuse sweating. This can temporarily boost calorie burn and water weight loss. However, it's important to stay well-hydrated and use it with caution.

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